Group Course

This is a course for parents in a group setting. The classes run over a four-week period, one session per week, with each class lasting for 1 hour. Massage techniques are taught in stages so that parents can practice at home and come back each week with any questions.

Cost: $120 per family; 4-6 babies per class

Private Course

This is a course for parents that is available privately as an ‘in-home’ visit. These private sessions cover the same course curriculum as in the group setting and run over a two-week period, one session per week, with each visit lasting for 90 minutes.
Cost: $150 per family (including travel to Perth metro and surrounding areas); up to 2 babies


1 hour introductory session

These sessions are for parents who would like to know the basics of infant massage to get started. This is ideal for mothers’ groups.
Cost: $30 per family; minimum of 4 babies
$80 for private session

In-service Presentation for Professional Groups

These sessions provide up-to-date information on infant massage to a wide range of health professionals who work directly with families. These can be a group of midwives, child health nurses,doctors, natural health therapists and others.
Cost: TBC

Gift Vouchers

These can make an ideal gift for relatives, friends and work colleagues. They can be used for the private course or the introductory session.