About me


About me

My name is Adi Dagan-Pisk. I am married and have an 11 years old daughter. I have always dreamed about being a mother; however I had to put this dream on hold while I was travelling the world with my husband in search for a better home and peaceful life for me and my family.

Our daughter was born in Auckland, New Zealand and being relatively new to the country we had minimal support network and no family at all. I always knew that I would massage my children and give them this special time during the early years of their life. I asked my mum to send me a DVD of her friend who has been an Infant Massage Instructor for over 30 years. I had watched the DVD couple of times and decided to jump into the cold water and follow my instincts. I was missing the guidance, the personal contact, the reassurance and the knowledge of a Paediatric Massage Consultant, but I didn’t know anyone around that would tick the box.

I had massaged my daughter until she was nearly 2 and created our own special routine: massage followed by bath time. In hind sight, this might have interfered with her sleep and feeding cycle, but I had no one to guide me and no access to evidence-based practice. Regardless, it had definitely strengthened our special bond; and to date, she just loves physical touch.

With my professional experience as an Occupational Therapist and Paediatric Massage Consultant combined with my personal experience as a mother, I love being able to help other mums (and dads) to experience positive and empowering parenthood. The countless benefits of infant massage provide parents such an effective way to nourish their babies as much as nourishing themselves.

And that’s how Calm Baby Massage was born!